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eReaderIQ Recommends

Contemporary Fiction

On the Back of the Beast
by S F Chapman
3.8 Stars (17 Reviews) Price verified 13 minutes ago

Everyone knew it was coming but no one was sure just when it would happen. It had been over a hundred years since the last big earthquake had decimated the San Francisco Bay Area and another massive tremor was long overdue. The slumbering beast that is the... see more >>>

Education & Teaching

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting The Five Critical Needs of Children...and Parents Too! Updated Edition
by Gerald Newmark
4.7 Stars (88 Reviews) Price verified 20 minutes ago

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children is a wake-up call to America that we are abandoning our children emotionally. Failure to support our children's emotional health at home and in schools is jeopardizing their future and that of our nation. The book has... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Amáne of Teravinea - The Chosen One (The Teravinea Series Book 1)
by D. Maria Trimble
4.7 Stars (29 Reviews) Price verified 23 minutes ago

When a hero emerges in the Kingdom of Teravinea, he often rises from the ranks of the dragon riders. In the past, only one female has fit the profile. Until now ... Fifteen-year-old Amáne finds herself witness to the hatching of a dragon egg. The painful... see more >>>

Religion & Spirituality

Letters to God: Diary of an Unsilenced Generation
by Cassandra Smith
4.9 Stars (24 Reviews) Price verified 23 minutes ago

"Letters to God" is a rare look into the life, struggles, joys, and prayers of teenagers across America. Glimpse the heartbeat of a generation as they cry for help. Relate with peers. Recognize the inner depths of students you work alongside. Hear the... see more >>>


Souvenir and three more not-quite-straightforward tales
by Daniel Kelley
4.1 Stars (25 Reviews) Price verified 25 minutes ago

A collection of four extraordinary stories, not one of which travels a predictable route. On a weekend jaunt with her parents, a 15-year-old girl shoplifts from the wrong souvenir shop. The consequences aren’t immediate, but a disconcerted Frankie Spitz... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Coolest Kids Science Projects:40 Fun & Easy Science Experiments For Kids
by Bill Evans
4.3 Stars (15 Reviews) Price verified 26 minutes ago

Can’t find the right science project idea? Want to supplement your child’s education at home? Evans' collection of over 40 of the coolest “kid approved” science projects are guaranteed to light up your child’s eyes and... see more >>>

Religion & Spirituality

The Shadow in the Garden (The Spirithaven Adventures Book 1)
by Braden McElroy
4.6 Stars (42 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

Luna couldn't stand it anymore, so she escaped Grandfather's house and sought refuge in the backyard. And that's where she discovered the mysterious hedge-fence gate... Step with Luna into Spirithaven, a place between places where vibrant emotions... see more >>>


The Manuscript: A Short Story
by Micah Ackerman
4.8 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 36 minutes ago

A disgruntled writer tired of rejection after rejection of his manuscript takes a literary agent hostage in her hotel room. He forces her to read his book, which may describe her own fate in terrifying detail. Is he a vicious, sadistic killer? Or simply a writer... see more >>>

Religion & Spirituality

The Repurposed and Upcycled Life: When God Turns Trash to Treasure
by Michelle Rayburn
4.9 Stars (19 Reviews) Price verified 39 minutes ago

Life is frustrating sometimes. It can be hard and ugly. Hurt, frustration and regret can make everything seem hopeless. But, God has a plan for everything in our lives. He offers unconditional love and grace, despite our imperfections. He offers hope where we see... see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Paleo Chicken Slow Cooker Meals:27 Quick & Easy Gluten-Free Recipes
by Elizabeth Goodwin
4.1 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified 40 minutes ago

All Paleo - all chicken - all in your slow cooker! In her book, author Elizabeth Goodwin shares 27 of her favorite Paleo chicken slow cooker recipes. The recipes in the book were chosen for not only for taste but for ease of preparation. Paleo cooking... see more >>>

Humor & Entertainment

Don't Fight With the Garden Hose and Other Lessons I've Learned Along the Way
by Tom Harvey
4.3 Stars (40 Reviews) Price verified 49 minutes ago

With his debut memoir, "The Eighties: A Bitchen Time To Be a Teenager!" enjoying success, Tom now turns his attention on lessons he's learned during his 45 crazy years as a member of the human race. 24 chapters of poignancy, humor, and poignant... see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Coconut Flour Recipes: Healthy & Delicious Recipes For All Meals
by Kathleen Henricks
4.1 Stars (24 Reviews) Price verified 57 minutes ago

Coconut flour is a healthy alternative to all other gluten-containing flour varieties, and can taste just as delicious as traditionally prepared foods.Coconut flour can be found in most health stores, as well as in online organic food stores. Author Kathleen... see more >>>

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Girl Jacked
by Christopher Greyson
4.3 Stars (343 Reviews) Price verified 58 minutes ago

“Jack vainly stared into the fogged mirror, but nothing stared back. Maybe that was his reflection. Misty. Shifting. Empty…” This best-selling series is on sale for a limited-time. We hope you enjoy! Girl Jacked is part of the Jack Stratton... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

How to Be Happy: The 13 Principles Used By the Happiest & Most Fulfilled People on the Planet & How You Can Use Them Too
by Tiffany Banks
5.0 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

Happiness is not something that just "happens to you". Depressed people aren't really "predisposed" to be that way either. You may have told yourself that, simply because that's the state of mind you are use to accessing the most. ... see more >>>


The Public Speaking Gold Mine
by Kerry O'Hallaron
4.9 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

In 1912, the late, great Dale Carnegie first codified the ‘’rules’’ of public speaking, coaching business people in public speaking and presentation skills.Prior to that time, there were neither ‘’rules’’ nor... see more >>>

Business & Money

Bank of Crooks & Criminals
by Ken Rossignol
4.9 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

The story of how an old Marine was robbed by his banker at the point of a pen. see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes: 47 Quick & Easy Gluten-Free Recipes For All Meals
by Elizabeth Goodwin
4.9 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Paleo cooking doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming.You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to create tasty, nutrient packed meals, desserts, and snacks.With a small amount of preparation and your handy slow cooker, you are ready to... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Adult ADHD: How to Overcome Common Challenges, Remain Incredibly Happy, and Have a Fulfilled Relationship and Career
by Ruby Reiter
4.8 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

If you feel you can't really concentrate, like you aren't getting ahead and you can't be productive, then you may have ADHD. The main problem with being unable to focus is that with it comes the lack of productivity, which eventually translates into... see more >>>

Parenting & Relationships

The Single Woman Guidebook: Husband Not Required! How to Take Chances and Live a Fabulous Purposeful Life
by Laura Vaillancourt
4.8 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

In my opinion, there's two types of single women. The first type is the girl that's single but is desperate to find a man, she doesn't like it, she feels incomplete and empty without a relationship. This I think is partly because of social... see more >>>


In the Belly of the Mountain (Monsters & Mayhem Book 1)
by D. K. Mason
4.6 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Five childhood friends, with a shocking secret, escape for a weekend getaway to the Eastern Kentucky coal mining town of Blass, where their world collides with a centuries old legend come to life. A creature roams the mountain accompanied by the Spirit of a slave... see more >>>
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