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Books by Kate Karyus Quinn

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Children's eBooks



(360 reviews)

Piper Pájaro and Sloane MacBrute are two 13-year-old girls with very different lives but very similar secrets. Popular, outgoing Piper is strong-like, ripping-the-doors-off-cars strong. She longs to be a superhero, even if... See More

$5.99 $8.54 Save 30% Price verified 4 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Fire & Flood (Mythverse Book 1)


(196 reviews)

At Mount Olympus Academy, a little learning is a dangerous thing... Revenge. That's why I decided to join the assassination class at Mount Olympus Academy. A monster killed my father and grandmother - and I'm going to make... See More

FREE $0.99 Save 100% Price verified 3 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Pillage & Plague (Mythverse Book 2)


(76 reviews)

Turns out-I'm a stone-cold killer. And I'm not sure I like it. Last school term I figured out I was a dragon shifter. And then I killed a bunch of monsters. It was to save my friends... but also I kinda liked it. Or my... See More

$2.99 Price verified 17 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Wither & Wound (Mythverse Book 3)


(49 reviews)

I've turned traitor and spy. By the end of this, someone big is gonna die. I hope it's not me. ***NOW EXTENDED WITH NEW EPILOGUE!*** My sister, Mavis, is going to be put on trial. Mr. Zee is certain to find her guilty of... See More

$4.99 Price verified 10 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Another Little Piece


(136 reviews)

The spine-tingling horror of Stephen King meets an eerie mystery worthy of Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars series in Kate Karyus Quinn's haunting debut. On a cool autumn night, Annaliese Rose Gordon stumbled out of the... See More

$6.99 Price verified one day ago
Teen & Young Adult

Catch & Conquer (Mythverse Book 6)


(29 reviews)

Sometimes you need the bad guys to defeat the baddest guys. I'm Mavis, Underworld Reformatory pencil-pusher, cat-shifter and big-sister to the only dragon shifter in the world. I've never been much of a rule follower, but... See More

$4.99 Price verified 10 hours ago

Struggle & Strife (Mythverse Book 4)


(38 reviews)

Apparently when you cause the apocalypse, it's your job to fix it. Turns out that killing a god kind of wreaks havoc on the world. Like, our world. So yeah, that's my bad. But I'm trying to fix it. All of Zeus' powers... See More

$4.99 Price verified 15 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Battle & Brawl (Mythverse Book 5)


(23 reviews)

There are worse things than a bad hair day... like having a crown taken right off your perfectly styled head. I'm Brandee Jean, and I managed to win the biggest crown of all. I was an Amazon Princess and Queen of the... See More

$4.99 Price verified 13 hours ago

Defy & Defend (Mythverse Book 7)


(15 reviews)

Thinking outside the box can be a bad idea... especially when it's Pandora's Box. I'm Mavis, cat-shifter and squad leader of the baddest group of paranormal prisoners in all the worlds. And I mean WORLDS. Plural. A portal... See More

$4.99 Price verified 12 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

(Don't You) Forget About Me


(70 reviews)

Stephen King meets Tuck Everlasting in this eerie, compulsively page-turning tale of a girl haunted by the loss of her sister -- and trapped by the mysterious power that fuels her small town. Gardnerville seems like a... See More

$6.99 Price verified 9 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Down with the Shine


(42 reviews)

Think twice before you make a wish in this imaginative, twisted, and witty new novel from the author of Another Little Piece. When Lennie brings a few jars of her uncles' moonshine to Michaela Gordon's house party, she has... See More

$6.99 Price verified 14 hours ago
Children's eBooks

Friend or Fae: A Mythverse Novella


(9 reviews)

Reason #578 why humans suck: They keep calling me Tinkerbell. I'm Shauna, a pixie on the hunt for my changeling brother, Kit. He went missing right about the same time that Zeus died and the whole world went kablooey... See More

FREE Price verified one hour ago
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