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Family Life

Please Keep Me (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 1)


(96 reviews)

It's Christmas in small town, Carlton Grove... In this holiday love story, Belinda Page, a single mom of a very intelligent four-year-old daughter, is at her wits end, trying to keep up with her baby genius. When the child... See More

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Literature & Fiction

Special Agent Finnegan (Undercover FBI Book 2)


(302 reviews)

Love for his father makes a man weak - what'll happen when he gives his heart to a woman? When Special Agent Finnegan O'Reilly gets shot, and the news brings on his father's heart attack, he decides to take leave from... See More

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Humor & Satire

Cute But Crazy 2 : Ditzy Dudes


(146 reviews)

You know that guy, cute and ditzy but loveable... Enjoy a box full of SEVEN Side-splitting Romantic Comedies about CUTE BUT CRAZY - DITZY DUDES! From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Authors from... See More

$7.99 $9.99 Save 20% Price verified 17 hours ago
Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Cute But Crazy: Wacky, Wonderful Women


(127 reviews)

You can call them cute... Just don't call them crazy! Furious ex-wives - ghosts and angels with their own agendas - the challenges of PTSD and imaginary friends - even Cupid, chickens, and a bumper crop of marijuana won't... See More

$7.99 $9.99 Save 20% Price verified 14 hours ago

'Tis the Season


(59 reviews)

Loveable Christmas Angel - This wonderful Christmas story takes place in Waikiki, Honolulu; a magical city where anything is believable. Leilani is about to find out just how angels scheme to make romance happen for those in... See More

$4.99 Price verified 9 hours ago
Crime Fiction

Special Agent Makayla (Undercover FBI Book 11)


(151 reviews)

Only Makayla hears the cries of children in trouble. People don't understand, and it's complicated for Special Agent Makayla to explain. In her mind, she doesn't have special powers. It's just fallout from the days when she... See More

$4.99 Price verified 5 hours ago

Leni (Her Sweet Revenge Series Book 6)


(46 reviews)

Leni Santino's happy life turns upside down from five words uttered carelessly, "Sergio Mandalas killed your cousin." Stunned speechless, her heart closes and the hard facade she'd warn in the past returns. Everything she... See More

$2.99 Price verified 14 hours ago

Special Agent Hunter (Undercover FBI Book 10)


(165 reviews)

Detective Cora Taylor isn't expecting the cop who'd haunted her dreams for ten years to return and find her drunk, wearing a torn wedding dress, and surrounded with tiny, white puppies. Go figure her rotten luck. The last... See More

$3.99 Price verified 3 hours ago
Parenting & Relationships

Special Agent Sophia (Undercover FBI Book 9)


(187 reviews)

Sophia's mane of silver hair gives her a look of a mystical warrior, a female not of this world. Some colleagues defend her, others are jealous... most fear her, yet everyone respects her abilities. An ace sharpshooter... See More

$3.99 Price verified 6 hours ago

Faith (Her Sweet Revenge Series Book 5)


(47 reviews)

Hooker turned nanny, Faith Whitely, known to her johns as Sunshine, has struggled to be a decent person all her life. And her options were never the same as the good girls in town. Growing up with a sick mother and limited... See More

$2.99 Price verified one day ago
Contemporary Fiction

Dear Hottie (Single Title Series Book 10)


(9 reviews)

During their last months of high school, unseen circumstances cause Eva and Jason to be together in a stalled elevator. Their mutual need for acceptance compels them to hook up in a way that neither of them ever... See More

$2.99 Price verified 16 hours ago

Special Agent Kandice (Undercover FBI Book 4)


(163 reviews)

Powerful, thrilling and character-driven, this romantic suspense is a real page-turner. Special Agent indeed, Kandice Warner is everyone's best friend. Talk about a Barbie doll! This female might have the same pretty-girl... See More

$3.99 Price verified 19 hours ago

Special Agent Maximilian (Undercover FBI Book 3)


(226 reviews)

Identical twins but different men - she loves both! In this electrifying romantic suspense set in the steamy streets of New Orleans, Lieutenant Commander Nik Baudin, accidently meets up with an identical twin he never knew... See More

$3.99 Price verified 19 hours ago
Health, Fitness & Dieting

Love Me Tender (The Elvis Series Book 2)


(40 reviews)

A young mother's eight-year-old secret... Anne Pichette is an eighteen-year-old exchange student who goes to live in Texas for a year. Rose Walsh, her host mother, treats her like a daughter and Anne believes her life is... See More

$3.99 Price verified 7 hours ago

Special Agent Rylee (Undercover FBI Book 7)


(175 reviews)

Rylee couldn't believe her rotten luck... Being chosen as one of the agents to play bodyguard to a spoiled billionaire while sailing on a Caribbean cruise depresses her... a lot. The dude - so important to the government... See More

$3.99 Price verified 19 hours ago

Book Bites 5 (Authors' Billboard Book Bites)


(3 reviews)

A surprising treat for all lovers of entertaining romances! Sample thirteen love stories in Book Bites 5 and discover a new favorite author. Travel from the US to the Italian Amalfi Coast, from Victoria, Canada to Maryland... See More

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Special Agent Charli (Undercover FBI Book 6)


(232 reviews)

The only man she wants in her life is her old Gramps, and all he wants is a grandchild. Special Agent Charli Madison can't get a break. After the stress of her last horrific assignment, all she wants is to spend time... See More

$3.99 Price verified 11 hours ago
Crime Fiction

Special Agent Murphy (Undercover FBI Book 8)


(190 reviews)

It's Christmas in Washington, but not for one heartsick family. Agent Shane Murphy has a hard time believing his life could get so crazy. Because of a choice - one he'd make again - he loses his superiority in the FBI. Now... See More

$3.99 Price verified 12 hours ago
Religion & Spirituality

Love of My Life (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 5)


(23 reviews)

Abandoned puppies found under the porch of their duplex become an issue when Ruby Innes overrides her co-tenant, Thatcher Rollins, in his demand she call in the SPCA. Instead, she becomes a surrogate mother to the tiny balls... See More

$2.99 Price verified 15 hours ago
Contemporary Fiction

Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Series Book 3)


(4 reviews)

Audra can't fight her attraction to her cousin's lover, so she leaves their small town and builds a life for herself in Los Angeles. Soon, her cousin, Cari, begs to move in with her and give up her life as a spoiled... See More

$2.99 $3.99 Save 25% Price verified 16 hours ago

Special Agent Booker (Undercover FBI Book 5)


(182 reviews)

Suspense lights up in every page of this fast-paced blockbuster of thrills! When Sloan Booker's father dies tragically, he has no other option but to give up his job as an FBI agent and take over his family's vehicle... See More

$3.99 Price verified 15 hours ago

You're the Boss (Single Title Series Book 8)


(18 reviews)

Forced to appear at her law firm's New Year's Eve celebration, Cheri is terrified of being out of her element. Working in a courtroom is one thing, but having to be herself in a party setting is another. She successfully... See More

$2.99 Price verified 11 hours ago
Religion & Spirituality

A Perfect Storm (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 6)


(43 reviews)

A crippled boy, an unhappy girl, a cuddly puppy and a Christmas romance! A senseless accident happens that puts Jenni's ten-year-old son in a wheelchair while the rebellious girl who instigates the incident, shows anger... See More

$2.99 Price verified 5 hours ago

Snow Pup (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 2)


(37 reviews)

In this delightful Christmas love story, Deputy Shawna Mallory finds Billy McCrae - a runaway boy sleeping in a mound of snow with an anxious puppy guarding him. He's a sad child surviving a terrible existence until she puts... See More

$2.99 Price verified 12 hours ago
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