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Books by Noam Chomsky

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Politics & Social Sciences

The Chomsky Reader


(13 reviews)

The Chomsky Reader brings together for the first time the political thought of American's leading dissident intellectual -- "arguably the most important intellectual alive" (The New York Times). At the center of practically... See More

$5.99 $6.99 Save 14% Price verified one day ago
Politics & Social Sciences

On Palestine


(176 reviews)

Operation Protective Edge, Israel's most recent assault on Gaza, left thousands of Palestinians dead and cleared the way for another Israeli land grab. The need to stand in solidarity with Palestinians has never been... See More

$8.44 $9.59 Save 12% Price verified 11 hours ago
Foreign Languages

The Essential Chomsky


(32 reviews)

The seminal writings of America's leading philosopher, linguist, and political thinker -- "the foremost gadfly of our national conscience" (The New York Times). For the past fifty years Noam Chomsky's writings on politics... See More

$11.99 Price verified 13 hours ago
Foreign Languages

Propaganda and the Public Mind


(30 reviews)

Renowned interviewer David Barsamian showcases his unique access to Chomsky's thinking on a number of topics of contemporary and historical import. Chomsky offers insights into the institutions that shape the public mind in... See More

$8.95 $9.99 Save 10% Price verified 19 hours ago
Foreign Languages

Interventions (City Lights Open Media)


(127 reviews)

Noam Chomsky says that the freedom to challenge power is not just an opportunity, it's a responsibility. For the past several years Chomsky has been writing essays for The New York Times Syndicate to do just that: challenge... See More

$10.97 $10.99 Price verified 16 hours ago

On Nature and Language


(2 reviews)

In On Nature and Language Noam Chomsky develops his thinking on the relation between language, mind and brain, integrating current research in linguistics into the burgeoning field of neuroscience. This 2002 volume begins... See More

$32.00 Price verified 2 days ago
Politics & Social Sciences

Year 501: The Conquest Continues


(18 reviews)

"The great work of subjugation and conquest" has changed little over the years. Analyzing Haiti, Latin America, Cuba, Indonesia, and even packets of the Third World developing in the United States. Noam Chomsky draws... See More

$9.99 Price verified 12 hours ago
Politics & Social Sciences

On Power and Ideology: The Managua Lectures


(4 reviews)

One of Noam Chomsky's most accessible books, On Power and Ideology is a product of his 1986 visit to Managua, Nicaragua, for a lecture series at Unversidad Centroamericana. Delivered at the height of U.S. involvement in the... See More

$9.99 $15.20 Save 34% Price verified one day ago
Politics & Social Sciences

Democracy and Power: The Delhi Lectures


Noam Chomsky visited India in 1996 and 2001 and spoke on a wide range of subjects, from democracy and corporate propaganda to the nature of the world order and the role of intellectuals in society. He captivated audiences... See More

$6.15 $7.99 Save 23% Price verified 2 days ago

Stay Solid!: A Radical Handbook for Youth


(5 reviews)

It ain't easy being a kid these days. For the first time in generations, today's teens have worse prospects ahead of them than their parents did, and the pressure to toe the line and be a success is heavier than ever... and... See More

$9.99 $18.69 Save 47% Price verified one day ago
Politics & Social Sciences

Because We Say So (City Lights Open Media)


(45 reviews)

"Chomsky is a global phenomenon... perhaps the most widely read voice on foreign policy on the planet." -- New York Times Book Review "Unwavering political contrarian Noam Chomsky smart-bombs the US military's global... See More

$10.99 $11.56 Price verified 8 hours ago

The Minimalist Program (The MIT Press)


(12 reviews)

A classic work that situates linguistic theory in the broader cognitive sciences, formulating and developing the minimalist program. In his foundational book, The Minimalist Program, published in 1995, Noam Chomsky offered... See More

$17.27 $23.98 Save 28% Price verified 2 days ago
Politics & Social Sciences

Hopes and Prospects


(42 reviews)

In this urgent new book, Noam Chomsky surveys the dangers and prospects of our early twenty-first century. Exploring challenges such as the growing gap between North and South, American exceptionalism (including under... See More

$9.99 $10.99 Save 9% Price verified 18 hours ago
Politics & Social Sciences

Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs


(23 reviews)

In this still-timely classic, Noam Chomsky argues that the real “rogue" states are the United States and its allies. Chomsky turns his penetrating gaze toward U.S. involvement in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the... See More

$9.99 Price verified one day ago
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