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Books by Poul Anderson

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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Fire Time (Doubleday science fiction)


(67 reviews)

In this classic science fiction adventure, a fiery doomsday threatens an alien world -- and the human colonists who have made it their home. Firetime is coming to Ishtar. This once-in-a-millennium event occurs when one of... See More

$1.99 $7.99 Save 75% Price verified 13 hours ago
Literature & Fiction

All One Universe


(11 reviews)

Poul Anderson himself has put together a retrospective collection of his recent writings, fiction and nonfiction, under the title All One Universe. This is the first major Poul Anderson collection in a decade. It encompasses... See More

$13.49 $17.99 Save 25% Price verified 8 hours ago

The Broken Sword


(1,099 review)

This acclaimed fantasy classic of men, elves, and gods is at once breathtakingly exciting and heartbreakingly tragic. Published the same year as The Fellowship of the Ring, Poul Anderson's novel The Broken Sword draws on... See More

$7.99 Price verified 15 hours ago

Roma Mater (The King of Ys)


(19 reviews)

Book one of the King of Ys series: Blending fantasy, history, and adventure, the epic story of Ys begins as the Roman Gratillonius finds himself thrust into the highest seat of power In the waning days of the Roman Empire... See More

$1.99 $9.99 Save 80% Price verified 2 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Gallicenae (The King of Ys)


(4 reviews)

In book two of the King of Ys series, Gratillonius adjusts to his new role as sovereign of Ys as threats from all sides begin closing in As the Roman Empire loses its grip on its far-flung territories, the mystical... See More

$1.99 $9.99 Save 80% Price verified 21 hours ago

The Merman's Children


(50 reviews)

The last of the merfolk scour Earth for a new home to call their own The underwater city of Liri has thrived off the coast of Denmark for generations. But now, as Europe's medieval age comes to a close, the efforts of... See More

$1.99 $7.99 Save 75% Price verified 19 hours ago
Science Fiction

Vault of the Ages


(41 reviews)

This classic from science fiction's Golden Age envisions a primitive future where only the forbidden technology of the past can save an endangered tribe from violent extinction Five centuries into the future, America is no... See More

$7.99 Price verified one hour ago
Science Fiction

Tau Zero


(2,866 reviews)

This Hugo Award finalist, "justifiably regarded as a classic" (, is the tale of an epic space voyage where time dilation goes horribly wrong. Aboard the spacecraft Leonora Christine, fifty crewmembers, half... See More

$1.99 $7.99 Save 75% Price verified 20 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Chapter Ends


(45 reviews)

"The Chapter Ends" by Poul Anderson is a poignant tale set on Earth, focusing on the last man, Kormt, and a psychotechnician, Jorun, from Galactic center. As Earth faces colonization by the Hulduvians, Kormt refuses to... See More

$4.95 $6.64 Save 25% Price verified 9 hours ago

The Golden Slave


(18 reviews)

100 B.C. The Cimbrian hordes galloped across the dawn of history and clashed in screaming battle against the mighty Roman legions. Eodan, son of Chief Boierek, has been on the war campaign for many years. The Cimbrain army... See More

$8.99 Price verified 7 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Valor of Cappen Varra


(63 reviews)

"The Valor of Cappen Varra" by Poul Anderson is a captivating tale set in a fantastic universe, following the adventures of Cappen Varra, a courageous minstrel embarking on a perilous journey alongside Princess Hildigund. As... See More

$4.95 $7.55 Save 34% Price verified 18 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Industrial Revolution


(46 reviews)

"Industrial Revolution" by Anderson, Poul and Summers, Leo (Illustrator) follows the story of Blades and Ellen as they navigate the challenges of establishing a new base on an asteroid amidst government interference and... See More

$4.95 $7.59 Save 35% Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Duel on Syrtis


(3 reviews)

Duel on Syrtis by Poul Anderson is a thrilling science fiction story set on Mars, where a big-game hunter named Riordan is determined to hunt a Martian, the forbidden game of the red deserts. The story follows the intense... See More

$4.95 $8.08 Save 39% Price verified 12 hours ago



(34 reviews)

Security by Poul Anderson is a science fiction novel that delves into the complexities of power, control, and the quest for security in a world where nothing is ever truly secure. The protagonist, Allen Lancaster, navigates... See More

$4.95 $5.69 Save 13% Price verified 2 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Boat of a Million Years


(1,148 review)

A New York Times Notable Book and Hugo and Nebula Award Finalist: This epic chronicle of ten immortals over the course of history "succeeds admirably" (The New York Times). The immortals are ten individuals born in... See More

$7.99 $9.99 Save 20% Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Avatar


(152 reviews)

A monumental epic tale of space exploration and alien contact from one of science fiction's greatest writers In the future, humankind has taken only limited advantage of a miraculous gift left for it in the far-distant... See More

$7.99 Price verified 7 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Harvest of Stars


(59 reviews)

The virtual persona of a long-dead visionary entrepreneur threatens to incite a revolution from space that could topple Earth's powerful and repressive religious-technological dictatorship in this ingenious science fiction... See More

$7.99 Price verified 11 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Stars Are Also Fire (Harvest of Stars Book 2)


(25 reviews)

Humans and their genetically altered descendants struggle to find their place in a universe controlled by a benevolent artificial intelligence in this brilliant classic of future speculation On a far-future Earth, a linked... See More

$7.99 Price verified 2 hours ago
Science Fiction

After Doomsday


(114 reviews)

The only survivors of an annihilated human race must find one another somewhere in the cosmos and unite to destroy the alien aggressors who obliterated the Earth in this classic science fiction adventure After a three-year... See More

$7.99 Price verified 50 minutes ago
Historical Fiction

The Golden Horn (The Last Viking Trilogy Book 1)


(88 reviews)

From an award-winning author: A novel of the fierce Norse warrior who would become the lusty and powerful Viking king Harald Hardrede. At seventeen, Harald Sigurdharson -- one day to be called Hardrede -- tastes the... See More

$6.99 $8.99 Save 22% Price verified 12 hours ago

The Dancer from Atlantis


(126 reviews)

A mesmerizing tale of adventure and romance: An anomaly of time transports a twentieth-century man backward through history toward the greatest catastrophe the world has ever known Looking out over the Pacific Ocean from... See More

$7.99 Price verified 16 hours ago
Literature & Fiction

Brain Wave


(999 reviews)

From the multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author: "A panoramic story of what happens to a world gone super intelligent" (Astounding Science Fiction). With "wonderfully logical detail... exciting storytelling and... See More

$7.99 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Fleet of Stars (Harvest of Stars Book 3)


(29 reviews)

The multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Grand Master of Science Fiction delivers "an exciting culmination to an ambitious saga" (Publishers Weekly). Far into the reaches of space, Anson Guthrie and a band of colonists... See More

$7.99 Price verified 3 hours ago
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