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Books by Rebecca Ethington

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Kiss Of Fire (Imdalind Series Book 1)


(1,020 review)

It was one kiss... and it very nearly ended my life. Secrets are dangerous, and sometimes they can kill. My secret may not be that bad, but it sure has put a wrench in my high school plans. I am in love with my best... See More

$2.99 Price verified 19 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Scorched Treachery (Imdalind Series Book 3)


(459 reviews)

Some bullies just need to be put in their place... Give me a good Styx song and I'll get them there. Joclyn and Ilyan are hiding after Ryland and my no-good brother Cail tracked them down. At least I hope they are, because... See More

$4.97 Price verified 16 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Eyes of Ember (Imdalind Series Book 2)


(503 reviews)

I kissed my best friend... ... and now he is trying to kill me. I loved Ryland LaRue from the moment I knew what love was. I loved him so much I risked everything to save him. That risk exploded just like his house, and... See More

$3.99 Price verified 18 hours ago
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Ilyan (Imdalind Series Book 9)


(35 reviews)

When you don't know who you are... fighting for your life takes on a whole new meeting. They found me, covered in blood, outside of a hospital somewhere in the Ukraine. It's a miracle they didn't kill me on the spot. Anyone... See More

$4.99 Price verified 13 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Dark: Through Glass, Book One


(166 reviews)

I just wanted to graduate high school. Fighting monsters to save the world was not part of my five-year plan. I had it all figured out. Graduate high school and head to college. It was just icing that my college of choice... See More

$2.99 Price verified 17 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Rose: Through Glass, Book Three


(16 reviews)

Everything has changed. The rules are only faded lies and the new reality is a haunting unknown full of children who attack you and monsters that can stand in the light. The darkness was once a danger, but now it has turned... See More

$2.99 $3.99 Save 25% Price verified 15 hours ago
Science Fiction

The Cut: The Through Glass Series, Book Four


(9 reviews)

The world has changed. Mere miles away from the sanctuary of Blood Rose, Travis and Alexis have been cornered, their bike in shards, their guns on empty. Alexis, herself, is trapped in a strange underworld that glimmers... See More

$2.99 $3.99 Save 25% Price verified 16 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Blue: Through Glass, Book Two


(26 reviews)

Saving the world is harder than I expected it to be. Okay, so maybe I'm not saving the world, but it sure as hell feels like it. Especially after the sanctuary camp I found in the middle of the destruction turned out to be... See More

$2.99 $3.99 Save 25% Price verified 16 hours ago
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Crown of Cinders (Imdalind Series Book 8)


(106 reviews)

Everyone has been waiting for the Siln?... ... they are getting something much more dangerous. Centuries have been filled waiting for this war, for the ultimate battle of good and evil, and the Silny to save them all... See More

$3.99 $5.99 Save 33% Price verified 14 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Dawn of Ash (Imdalind Series Book 7)


(152 reviews)

Flying demons, a city in ruins... and a bit of a rodent problem I need to solve. Being trapped in a post-apocalyptic city has its perks. Free dusty clothes, all the canned food you can eat, a slowly deteriorating city... See More

$3.99 Price verified 16 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Burnt Devotion (Imdalind Series Book 5)


(220 reviews)

What happens when you are supposed to die... but don't. And no, I'm not talking about Joclyn - although she has pulled that stunt too. I was supposed to die over a hundred years ago, but I didn't. Cail saved me, then... See More

$3.99 Price verified 14 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Soul of Flame (Imdalind Series Book 4)


(444 reviews)

I may have escaped Cail's delusions... But my world is still on fire. It was a miracle when Ilyan pulled me from Cail's mind. Too bad the creepy bleeding walls, and broken bathroom from hell followed me back into reality... See More

$4.97 Price verified 19 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Imdalind Academy: The Gauntlet: Book One


(15 reviews)

Why dream of becoming royalty, when you can just overthrow them? Two hundred years after the war, magic use is regulated, monitored, and limited to the select few who win the masochistic Gauntlet and are given 'The Power of... See More

$2.99 Price verified 6 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Brand of Betrayal (Imdalind Series Book 6)


(5 reviews)

What's worse than a city under siege? An irritating father on a power trip. It's like the punchline to the worst childhood ever. I may have spent my entire life wishing I could have my father back, but now that he's here... See More

$2.99 Price verified 12 hours ago
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Imdalind Academy: Rogue Royalty: Book Two


As the Third Son to The King, Rowan should be a Nobody. Fate had other plans. Nearly two hundred years ago, the world fell to war, leaving my parents to pick up the pieces and rebuild an entire Kingdom. Growing up in the... See More

$2.99 Price verified 5 hours ago
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