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Books by Tom Holland

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Foreign Languages

Dynasty (Italian Edition)


(122 reviews)

La storia di Roma comincia con uno stupro: è dalla violenza di Marte, dio della guerra, su una giovane vestale, che nascono Romolo e Remo, i fondatori della città. Raccolti e allattati da una lupa, macchiati dall'infamia... See More

$12.17 $12.18 Price verified 14 hours ago

Persian Fire


(186 reviews)

A "fresh... thrilling" (The Guardian) account of the Graeco-Persian Wars. In the fifth century B.C., a global superpower was determined to bring truth and order to what it regarded as two terrorist states. The superpower was... See More

$4.99 $9.99 Save 50% Price verified one day ago

Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic


(325 reviews)

A vivid historical account of the social world of Rome as it moved from republic to empire. In 49 B.C., the seven hundred fifth year since the founding of Rome, Julius Caesar crossed a small border river called the Rubicon... See More

$9.99 $12.99 Save 23% Price verified one hour ago
Religion & Spirituality

Let's Talk About Prayer


Though prayer is 'the Christian's vital breath' it raises many questions: if God is in control of everything what's the point of praying? how is prayer related to healing? what about 'unanswered' prayer? In this remarkable... See More

$6.29 $6.99 Save 10% Price verified one day ago
Humor & Entertainment

Horror 201: The Silver Scream Vol.1


(10 reviews)

The definitive guide to filmmaking and filmmakers by the best in the field. Horror 201: The Silver Scream, the follow-up to Horror 101: The Way Forward (both Bram Stoker Award nominated non-fiction anthologies), delves into... See More

$2.99 Price verified 11 hours ago
Sports & Outdoors

Swim, Bike, Run--Eat


(33 reviews)

It's race day and you have your quick-closure running shoes, sleek suits, bikes, goggles, and watches, but if you haven't been training with the proper nutrition, you'll be left in the dust in the third mile. Enter Swim... See More

$11.99 Price verified 2 days ago
Literature & Fiction

The Bone Hunter


An heir of John Buchan and Rider Haggard, Holland is a storyteller, dealing in mysteries and marvels... he holds the reader's attention in an iron grip' DAILY TELEGRAPH 1878. The golden days of dinosaur discoveries. In the... See More

$3.99 $4.99 Save 20% Price verified one hour ago
Literature & Fiction

The Sleeper In The Sands


(16 reviews)

Egypt, 1922: the Valley of the Kings. After years of fruitless labour, the archaeologist Howard Carter discovers a mysterious tomb, sealed and marked with a terrible curse. But what is the nature of the tomb's deadly secret... See More

$2.99 $4.99 Save 40% Price verified one hour ago
Biographies & Memoirs

Athelstan (Penguin Monarchs): The Making of England


(11 reviews)

The formation of England occurred against the odds: an island divided into rival kingdoms, under savage assault from Viking hordes. But, after King Alfred ensured the survival of Wessex and his son Edward expanded it, his... See More

$5.42 $5.99 Save 10% Price verified 19 hours ago
Religion & Spirituality

Hope for the Nations: Paul’s Letter to the Romans


(1 review)

Tom Holland is the Senior Reseach Fellow at Union School of Theology, Oxford. For over forty years he has researched the influence the Jewish Passover and the promises of a Second Exodus made to those exiled in Baylon given... See More

$9.99 Price verified one hour ago
Literature & Fiction



(1 review)

Big Daryl wanted nothing so much as to make Anja happy. She was beautiful, his intended, and he wanted to give her the wedding ring of her dreams. Only trouble was her dream was beyond what his wallet could afford, but he... See More

$0.99 Price verified 9 minutes ago
Literature & Fiction



(3 reviews)

Paulie bought the voodoo doll from the peddler as a goof. Make a wish, he said, any wish and it will come true. Paulie didn't believe him, the doll was just a way of blowing off steam, so when he wished Tina, his bitch of... See More

$0.99 Price verified 2 days ago
Literature & Fiction



Oliver couldn't take his eyes off her. She was so damn beautiful he could hardly believe she was naked in bed with him. She looked late twenties, had silky blond hair, smooth white skin, shiny blue eyes, and sparkling white... See More

$0.99 Price verified 30 minutes ago

The Folder Effect


(1 review)

"The Folder Effect" delivers help for everyone with the statement; Think for Yourself! You think, act and say what your trainers have taught you to do. While you often change throughout life, it is only because you have... See More

$9.99 Price verified one day ago
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