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by Elliott Alexander
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Woody Schmidt knows it’s hard being shacked up with the sexiest actress on the planet, mostly because Holly Argentina is also the craziest. It’s even harder when Holly Argentina makes Woody and their twelve kids abandon L.A. for the wastes of Alaska to live in a frozen mansion that reminds Woody of the creepy hotel in The Shining.

In theory, life should be easy for Hollywood’s golden couple with all that power, money and beauty, but somehow even in snow-blasted Alaska, Woody finds he’s never far from temptation in the form of hot women and hard liquor. As the blizzard rages on, Woody and Holly become locked in a life and death battle in which there can only be one victor.

A comedy novelette exploring the darker side of fame, fortune and celebrity marriage.

~~ Any resemblance to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is purely coincidental.

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  • Humor >Parodies

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