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The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova


(5 reviews)

Why does life have to be so complicated? All Don wants is one woman to love who will trust him, and he thinks he's found her. But he can't trust himself; he is the prime suspect in his grandfather and brother's death, and... See More

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The Last Roman: Exile


(1,018 review)

What if The Gladiator smashed into The Highlander, and then careened into Jason Bourne? You would get The Last Roman: Exile. Some debts you cannot repay, even if you live forever... Seasoned imperial officer Marcus... See More

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The Tethering


(536 reviews)

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children meets Percy Jackson in this magic-filled fantasy romance. All he wants is to win her love. A dark spell may separate them forever. - "It's the magic we loved in Harry Potter... See More

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Merlin the Magical Fluff


(85 reviews)

My name is Gracie Springs, and I am not a witch... but I'm pretty sure my cat is. I first started to get suspicious when he jumped just a little too high while chasing after a robin in our front yard. I knew for sure when... See More

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Crimson Night (Blood & Shadows Book 1)


(43 reviews)

Draven I stalk her from the shadows, waiting to make my move. She's not like the others. It's not just her blood, her very essence calls out to me, begs me to make her mine for all of eternity. But she claims to hate me... See More

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At Trails End: Homecoming


(7 reviews)

At Trails End, Texas, high school teacher Paul Matthews takes inordinate pleasure playing devil's advocate - and this tiny town in East Texas is the perfect place to practice his self-indulgent art of annoyance. The sudden... See More

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Silverback and Son


(35 reviews)

Bubbz the gorilla gets asked a simple question by his father in this sweet and heartwarming book. Read the whole story to find out if he decides to be an astronaut, a race car driver, a firefighter, or something else... See More

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CRICUT: 4 books in 1: Cricut Machines Beginner's Guide + Design Space + Project Ideas Vol.1 & 2. The Cricut Bible That You Don't Find in The Box Is Finally Here!


(149 reviews)

Here's The Complete Course That Will Make You A Master of Cricut and Transform Your Imagination Into Reality! Do you wish to learn the essential skills and knowledge to master the Cricut machine? Are you searching for... See More

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