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The Lion Trees


(93 reviews)

"THE LION TREES" -- WINNER OF THE KINDLE BOOK AWARD! What if survival required you to unlearn who you are? How far would you fall to save yourself? Sometimes happiness is along way down. The Johns family is unraveling... See More

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You Saw Too Much


(3 reviews)

Her life was taken from her. Now, she wants it back. Lori had it all until that day: the perfect marriage, a job she loved, and a beautiful home in a small town. But when a tragic car wreck takes her husband's life and... See More

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The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid


(79 reviews)

Henry McCarty, popularly known as Billy the Kid, was one of the most archetypal gunslingers of the Old West. By the time of his death at the age of only twenty-one, he had shot and killed eight men. Through the course of... See More

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The Clock Of Life


(97 reviews)

Best Kindle Book Awards, Finalist, Literary Fiction Writer's Digest Self Publishing Award, Second Place for Fiction 2013 Next Generation Book Awards, Finalist. 2013 Readers' Favorite Book, Finalist 2013 San Francisco Book... See More

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(19 reviews)

Ella Hannaford has a small business to run, an overworked father to look after and a future stepmother who wants a perfect wedding. Can she avoid a girly night out with her clueless stepsister? Can she side-step lovesick... See More

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All of a Sudden


(19 reviews)

On April 21, 2016, three vastly different individuals of different ages woke up on top of their graves. Each of them died on April 20th but in different years, and each of them had not aged since their untimely deaths. One... See More

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STOLEN BAIRNS: Scottish Fiction


(11 reviews)

The small run down croft in rural Aberdeenshire is home for Beth Menzies and her dysfunctional family. Beth's childhood is one of neglect and abuse. She has never experienced kindness or love, until at the age of 14 she... See More

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(9 reviews)

With her Mum and Dad overseas, sixteen year old Annie is left in the care of her happily married sister, Sarah. Alarm bells ring in Sarah's head when she learns of the teenager's infatuation with seasonal worker Keiran... See More

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The Stone Flowers


(8 reviews)

Something evil watches in the eye of the storm. An end of summer party in the quaint town of Thorn Tree offers a chance of romance for Maggie Hawkbetter, but when her best friend stumbles into town clutching her dead baby... See More

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Dalton for Hire (Dalton Series Book 2)


(9 reviews)

When Dalton holed up in Yellow Creek he tried to put his past behind him. But for a wanted man there can be no peace and he soon finds himself as wealthy Raphael Huffman's hired gun. Now, with a carpetbag bulging with money... See More

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