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Handle With Care


(724 reviews)

New York Times bestselling author of SHACKING UP and I FLIPPING LOVE YOU Helena Hunting mixes humor and heart in this scandal-filled romantic comedy. HE WANTS TO LOSE CONTROL. Between his parents' messed up marriage and his... See More

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Complicated Creatures: Part One


(189 reviews)

• "A Stellar Read!" • "James Bond-- only sexier!!" • "Warning!! This Book is Addictive!!" • "You know a book is good when characters become a part of your life." From Amazon Top 50 Best Selling Author, Alexi... See More

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Dragon Tamer: A Viking Shifter Romance


(11 reviews)

Katla, idiot of idiots, last warrior of Lundr, should know better than to release a dragon. Sacrificing humans to keep the dragons away may be less bloody than war, but it's repulsive and cowardly. Real warriors fight their... See More

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My Last Chance


(1,036 review)

I've made lots of mistakes. But never one like this. Back in high school, the girl next door spent a serendipitous night in my arms. But she wasn't my type or really up to my level. So I walked away not knowing her... See More

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Keeper Tyree


(48 reviews)

Keeper Tyree is an aging bounty hunter who lives by his own set of rules. He's a hard man, but just, and his word is his bond. He's a loner and likes it that way. Then Cathleen O'Donnell catapults into his life looking to... See More

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Masters Of The Broken Watches


(303 reviews)

An action adventure like Indiana Jones, a science adventure like Jurassic Park and a human feel-good story like Slumdog Millionaire. Masters of the Broken Watches is a must-read. Sebastian Miles and his team of marine... See More

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The Protective SEAL


(244 reviews)

Jack Williams has never felt so lost. For him, being a Navy SEAL wasn't just a job, it was a way of life. Protecting people had always been his strength, until a career-ending injury forced him into retirement. He's... See More

$0.99 $4.99 Save 80% Price verified 6 minutes ago

Swann Series: Books 1 - 3


(59 reviews)

How do you turn a broken girl into a weapon? And what do you do with her when she loses control? Meet Savannah Van Duyn... USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Amazon ALL-STAR AWARD winner, and Top 10 Sci-Fi writer, Ryan Schow... See More

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