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Phantom Frost


(7 reviews)

Stay frosty, stay alive. Chill out with this science fiction/fantasy set in the universe of the forthcoming Wurreal Games video game. Shivurr remembers little before the Bodhi Institute, the secret government installation... See More

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The Eye of Ra


(19 reviews)

FREE UNTIL APRIL 1! Exploring a mysterious cave in the mountains behind their house, John and his sister Sarah are shocked to discover they've time traveled to ancient Egypt! Now they must work together to find a way back... See More

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The Odyssey


(2,939 reviews)

Odysseus has been away from Ithaca, the Greek city-state under his rule, for ten years while fighting in the Trojan War. After the fall of Troy, Odysseus begins the long journey home to his wife and son; however, his journey... See More

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Garden Guide - A No Nonsense, No PhD, No Fuss Guide to Great Gardens with Hand-Holding How To's for Beginners and Straightforward Instruction for Advanced Gardeners


(104 reviews)

We've all admired our neighbor's gorgeous gardens filled with flowering perennials and longed to recreate their beauty in our own back yard. But if we're being honest, when it comes to gardening, most of us have no idea... See More

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Grace by the Bus-Load


(16 reviews)

Paul Shryock and his wife, "co-pilot" and navigator, Lana purchased a 50 year old transport bus that had been converted into a fully self-contained motorhome. Their plan was to use it to travel in their retirement years, and... See More

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Erasing Ramona


(22 reviews)

When she woke in a strange house she found six dead bodies... Twenty-seven-year-old Miranda Burgess hasn't seen her hometown since she awoke inside a strange house and discovered six dead bodies, including that of her... See More

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Darker Shadows Lie Below


(45 reviews)

Something ancient sleeps in the shadows of Umber Gardens. When Dr. Benjamin Kent is extended an invitation to work at a prestigious mental health facility, he thinks it's too good to be true. Ben soon realizes something is... See More

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The Best Man


(208 reviews)

I didn't know her name, but I heard her laugh, tasted her lips, felt her warm skin as I held her in my arms. Together we watched our young children playing in the sand, the warm ocean lapping at the shore behind them as the... See More

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