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Time Watch (Time Sweepers Book 1)


(127 reviews)

They live among us. Pretenders, Seekers, and Scholars that don't belong in our time. Sarah Weston knows who they are. It's her job to play babysitter, concierge, and occasional bouncer to these time-traveling tourists. She... See More

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The Signs and Symptoms of Menopause: A Vital Book for Women Exploring Perimenopause, Postmenopause, HRT Therapy, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Weight Gain, ... (Women’s Health and Empowerment Books 2)


(31 reviews)

It's time to erase the shame and fear surrounding menopause and understand exactly what's going on inside your body. Did you know that menopause is a natural part of aging? Yep! And it's not just "hormonal changes" -- it's... See More

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Finding Eden


(153 reviews)

Eden dreamed. She dreamed of a man, one with liquid gold eyes. But when she meets Sahariel for the first time she can't help but wonder if she's going crazy. People can see him, but she can't see any colors swirl around him... See More

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Narcissist Survivor, From Abusive to Healthy Relationships, 2 Books in 1: My Toxic Husband and FREE YOURSELF, A Complex PTSD and narcissistic abuse recovery workbook for women


(38 reviews)

Do you suspect that your partner is a narcissist?? Does your partner make you feel like you're crazy? Are you suffering from the psychological signs of abuse? Or, maybe you have recently gotten out of a toxic relationship... See More

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Silver Gulch Feud


(14 reviews)

It only takes a few hours for Yick Lee and Carter Lyle to realize that they've picked the wrong day to start working for Lorne Wayne. For the last two years Lorne has feuded with Alistair Marriott over the ownership of the... See More

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