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eReaderIQ Recommends

Science Fiction

Convergence -- Journey to Nyorfias Book 1
by T. M. Roy
4.3 Stars (29 Reviews) Price verified 27 minutes ago

Rett's known nothing but warfare since her seventeenth year. Now, with the long war at a critical turning point, she finds herself distracted by a dimwitted alien mindforce from some planet called Earth who thinks that Rett's daily brushes with death are... see more >>>

Religion & Spirituality

Unleash Your Psychic Powers
by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel
4.3 Stars (38 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, author of the best-selling, “Auras: How to See, Feel & Know”, presents another tour de force with his latest book, “Unleash Your Psychic Powers.” A comprehensive guidebook for all levels of practitioners of the... see more >>>

Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Paleo Diet For Beginners - Includes Delicious Paleo Recipes (Paleo Diet For Weight Loss, Paleo Diet For Beginners Book 2)
by A.J. Parker
4.4 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $6.99. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle device. Research Has Shown That The Paleo Diet Is The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight & Stay Healthy. Research also shows that... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

My Life as a Cicada
by M. Eigh
4.4 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

The fascinating life cycle of cicadas illustrated beautifully along the plot of a dramatized story: the long journey of a cicada nymph trapped underground for seventeen years; the friendly and hostile subterranean creatures he encounters; and last but not least,... see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Gluten Free Slow Cooker Cookbook: The 50 Best Ever Recipes For Unforgettable Healthy Meals
by Sofia Davis
4.8 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

Combine slow cooking with a gluten-free diet and change the way you eat forever! Inside the cover of this book you will learn to: Free up your time Create mouthwateringly delicious international cuisine Lead a healthy life by banishing gluten forever! This... see more >>>

Science Fiction

The Turn (Extinction Level Event Book 1)
by J. Walker
4.4 Stars (58 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

What would you do if you knew the zombie apocalypse was imminent? Would you tell your family?Your friends? Or would you wait until the end was near? The Turn is the first book of an exciting new zombie apocalypse series called Extinction Level Event.Written... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Animals Give Kisses Too. Messages of Love and Friendship for Children. (Animals With a Message Book 4)
by James Mayrose
4.4 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

Bestselling author James Mayrose presents "Animals Give Kisses Too…" Each page of Mayrose's latest book includes a picture of animals giving kisses.Their "conversation" is captioned at the bottom of each page. This latest photo... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Fight With Me: How We Learned to be Married
by Tim Chan
4.4 Stars (27 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

Refreshingly engaging and unabashedly honest, Fight With Me is one couple’s account of their attempts to start their marriage well. In this fun, approachable and practical book, Tim and Olive draw from their real-life stories to offer an inside look at the... see more >>>

Historical Fiction

The Dragon's Pool (The Jade Owl Legacy Book 3)
by Edward C. Patterson
4.9 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

The Third Book in the Jade Owl Legacy Series. A shadow stalks the lanes and streets, from Gui-lin to San Francisco, from Florence to the Dragon’s Pool. In its wake, Rowden Gray and his China Hands follow a course to right the wrongs of time. The relic is... see more >>>

Religion & Spirituality

7 Things God Can't Do: A Motivational Self Help Book Designed to Enrich Happiness and Faith in God (Faith Alive)
by Reverend Bill McBride
4.9 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

7 Things God Can't Do: A Motivational Self Help Book Designed to Enrich Happiness and Faith in God. This self help book in the Faith Alive series of God books will be one of many inspirational and motivational books about faith. You can call this book the... see more >>>

Humor & Entertainment

A Little Off-Kelter...the parenting years
by Kelly Coleman Potter
4.6 Stars (13 Reviews) Price verified 9 minutes ago

Nod sympathetically if you’ve ever… …extracted a gum wrapper from a toddler’s nostril, but sought medical treatment when it came to a piece of a colored pencil lodged deeply into an ear canal. …punished a child because he... see more >>>


Left-Handed Facts & Fiction (Being Left-Handed Book 2)
by Russell Cope
4.2 Stars (29 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

Amazon #1 Bestseller Left-Handed Facts & Fiction have been around for centuries - some true, some fascinating, some funny and some completely ridiculous. Left-Handed people can now unite and enjoy this ultimate collection of Left-Handed trivia. These fun facts... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Komodo Dragons! Learn About Komodo Dragons and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Komodo Dragons)
by Becky Wolff
4.6 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

Are your kids interested in Komodo Dragons? Awesome! You have found the right book. Help your children learn more about Komodo Dragons today by reading this book. Here is what is included inside "Komodo Dragons! Learn About Komodo Dragons and Enjoy Colorful... see more >>>

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Die Again
by A. J. Converse
4.3 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 39 minutes ago

A brutal killing of an old girlfriend disrupts the college social life of Herman Harris. The victim’s father offers a reward, and Herman begins a hunt for the killer. As the girls of college bedevil him, Herman discovers growing proof of the... see more >>>

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Easy Aromatherapy Recipes For Beginners: An Everyday Guide to Using Simple, Organic and Affordable Essential Oils at Home
by Fiona Summers
4.9 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

The #1 Kindle Store bestseller in both Aromatherapy and Natural Remedies! "I wish I had this book before I started experimenting a few months ago." - 5* review This in depth but concise look at aromatherapy has been written by a practicing therapist... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

Rush to the Altar
by Jamie Carie
4.2 Stars (44 Reviews) Price verified 39 minutes ago

Madeline Goode is devastated when her husband dies in a car accident. After moving back in with her parents with her two year old son, Max, she attempts to put the pieces of her life back together. But she didn’t plan on meeting Jake Hart, the star NBA... see more >>>

Biographies & Memoirs

Wife No. 19: The Story of a Life in Bondage, Being a Complete Exposé of Mormonism, and Revealing the Sorrows, Sacrifices and Sufferings of Women in Polygamy(Illustrated)
by Ann Eliza Young
5.0 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 39 minutes ago

"Written in a fresh style that truly shows one how one can fall victim to twisted reasoning. Clear and revealing. One can read this work and clearly understand how following a message that originated from a human standpoint can destroy or very nearly destroy... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

Piecrust Promise
by Nanette Kinslow
4.3 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 54 minutes ago

On a spring day in 1889 Corrine Greslin vowed that she would never again be beholden to any man. She’d build a home on her own land, land that she would stake out in the Oklahoma Land Rush. And, more than anything, she wanted to do it alone. When Lee... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Spiders: Facts and Cool Pictures. Amazing Spider Photos & Facts for Kids. (Animal Photo Books For Kids. Book 1)
by James Mayrose
4.4 Stars (13 Reviews) Price verified 39 minutes ago

Spider Facts and Cool Pictures. Animal Photo Books for Children What is in the book… Fun facts. Designed for kids, but adults love’em too! Brilliant photos. Each page has a brilliant, crisp photo. Colorful pictures, taken close-up. Questions kids... see more >>>
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