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eReaderIQ Recommends

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Rogue Alliance (The Rogue Saga Book 1)
by Michelle Bellon
4.7 Stars (27 Reviews) Price verified 6 minutes ago

While still a child in Redding, California, Shyla Ericson killed her father to end years of abuse. She’d left town shortly thereafter, changed her name, and started a new life, eventually becoming a highly decorated DEA agent. But some history... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery
by Kevin Folliard
4.9 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified 6 minutes ago

When 6th grade outcast Jake Carter meets the enigmatic Dr. Shade, his dreams become reality. Shade's miraculous technology grants access to the mental realm of the dreamscape, where anything is possible. Furthermore, Jake discovers that his long lost twin... see more >>>

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Deputy Gabby Grimm to the Rescue (Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery Book 4)
by Sara Barton
4.7 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 10 minutes ago

An Amazon exclusive -- three previously published tales now bundled together as a special download! Meet the heroine of the Latimer Falls, Vermont Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Gabriella Grimm. Whether she’s falling off a roof, chasing down... see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Fast Fat Shredding Smoothies: 36 Delicious Smoothie Recipes For Effortless Weight Loss
by Lynn Hall
4.9 Stars (15 Reviews) Price verified 11 minutes ago

Fast Fat Shredding Smoothie Recipe Cookbook provides you with 36 delicious smoothie recipes to help you cleanse your body and effortlessly lose weight! Authored by Lynn Hall, "The Smoothie recipes in this cookbook are full of proteins, superfoods and... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Your Perfect Diet: How to Customize Your Diet for Weight Loss and Great Health
by Ronald M Bazar
4.8 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 12 minutes ago

How can one diet suit everyone when we are all so different? It can’t! That is the major downfall of the diet crazes and diet gurus. "Your Perfect Diet" shows you how those diets mislead and fail because they do not tend to your uniqueness. This... see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Easy Freezer Meals: Recipes and Freezer Cooking Guide for Make Ahead Meals including Crockpot Freezer Meals (Family Cooking Series Book 7)
by Debbie Madson
4.8 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 13 minutes ago

When you’ve had a busy day, frantically handling a thousand activities relating to your job and your kids, wouldn’t it be great to come home to a ready-made meal that’s both nutritious and delicious? We can show you how you can stock up on a... see more >>>

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Organic Composting: Reduce Waste, Save Money, and Improve Your Garden (How To Garden, How To Compost)
by Deep Cove Publishing
4.5 Stars (37 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

Everything you need to know to start composting! This Book Is Designed For Home Gardeners Learning how to make your own compost is essential for gardeners. Whether you're looking to grow more vegetables, or win the county fair for your roses, home composting... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT (HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH - Educational Children's Book Collection 4)
by Suzy Liebermann
4.7 Stars (15 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

ENGLISH EDITION Come on a sea adventure with HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH as he finds out that HAPPINESS STARTS WITH UNDERSTANDING HIS FEELINGS. THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT contains a great educational lesson about EMOTIONS AND THE UNDERSTANDING OF TIME which parents... see more >>>


by Jason Beem
4.8 Stars (47 Reviews) Price verified 27 minutes ago

"There’s a line that runs alongside our ordinary lives, just beyond the grind of things. Jason Beem’s novel Southbound derails your ordinary life and shoots you into the thrill, rush, and dark brutal truths of gambling and racing. And he... see more >>>

Professional & Technical

How to quickly and easily improve your reading comprehension skills - Effective ways for increased general and academic reading comprehension - for all ages
by Lillian Patterson
4.2 Stars (21 Reviews) Price verified 35 minutes ago

With the right and proven strategies, everyone can quickly and easily improve their reading comprehension You can too! ˃˃˃ Choose between 17 powerful strategies to best suit you! It might seem like a too difficult task, but experienced expert... see more >>>

Science Fiction

by John Griffin
3.8 Stars (25 Reviews) Price verified 39 minutes ago

Edmund moves across the desolate landscape lumbering towards home. He arrives, overjoyed to discover that his family is dead – they did not have to live through The Fall, did not have to fight cannibals and bandits, did not have to survive the apocalypse.... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Maggie Bee (The Adventures Of Maggie Bee)
by M.R. Overton
4.9 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 41 minutes ago

Maggie is a cute little bee that lives in a hive with her Mother. She loves to collect pollen, bake and, play with her friends. This is a great book to teach your children to help others while going about their day. see more >>>

Business & Money

The I Win Negotiation & Conflict Approach: Compromise Less And Win More with A Better Alternative To The Win-Win Approach (Leadership and Management series Book 2)
by Asaf Shani
5.0 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 42 minutes ago

Have you ever felt like you're on the losing end of the bargain after compromising? Do you wish there was something else you could have done instead? Well, there's good news for you. There is something else you could have done, something else that you... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Christmas Terror Tales:Stories to Enjoy from October Through December
by Kevin Folliard
4.6 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 43 minutes ago

Sixteen gripping tales inspired by classical horror and urban legends twist holiday themes into chilling cautionary tales. A mischievous snowman frames the children who built him for its misdeeds. A haughty priest offers shelter to a hideous monster posing as an... see more >>>


Harvest: Memoir of a Mormon Missionary
by Jacob Young
4.1 Stars (21 Reviews) Price verified 46 minutes ago

"This is an amazing memoir, the most realistic, true-to-life account of a modern-day Mormon mission I've ever read. It feels extremely honest and authentic, with a non-manipulative agenda to depict how it really was for this particular missionary."... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Resolutions That Stick! How 12 Habits Can Transform Your New Year
by S.J. Scott
4.5 Stars (27 Reviews) Price verified 46 minutes ago

DISCOVER:: How to Make New Year's Resolutions That Actually Stick! Tell me if this sounds familiar: "The Ball" is about to drop on New Year's Eve.2014 promises a brand new year, full of potential and infinite possibilities.So you make a list... see more >>>

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

And On The Sixth Day
by D. A. Childers
3.9 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 51 minutes ago

Join rookie Atlanta homicide detective Matthew Dugan as he tracks one of the most vicious serial killers ever known to the city. What started out as a seemingly simple but odd murder and dismemberment on a subway train - the perfect case for a young rookie to... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

The Healthy Living Boxset: How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, And Organic Recipes To Eat and Live Clean
by Ben Night
4.4 Stars (21 Reviews) Price verified 55 minutes ago

The Healthy Living Boxset This is a complete boxset of six best selling health and nutrition books! This set includes: Eating Organic On A Budget Organic foods are everywhere today offering a natural alternative to our favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats.... see more >>>

Women's Fiction

Zenith Falling (Zenith Trilogy, #1)
by Leanne Davis
5.0 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 55 minutes ago

***Zenith Rising is FREE right now too! Pick up both #1 & #2 of the Zenith Trilogy*** Joelle married Rob Williams, lead singer of the rock band Zenith, before she was old enough to know better. She has spent years following Zenith around, while they struggle to... see more >>>

Science Fiction

Below Mercury
by Mark Anson
4.3 Stars (73 Reviews) Price verified 57 minutes ago

KINDLE EXCLUSIVE second edition - includes bonus chapters and additional material. Mercury – closest planet to the Sun. In the permanent darkness of Chao Meng-fu crater lie vast fields of ice that that have never seen the Sun, and the ruins of Erebus Mine,... see more >>>
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