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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to receive your daily deals & freebies by email?
Click here to sign up.
How do I change my email address for your daily email notifications?
You can either click the the link to "Update Your Profile" at the bottom of every email sent or you can click here.
I have signed up several times to receive your daily emails, but have never received a confirmation. I have checked spam filters, added your name to my contacts, and it still won't come through.
This is generally an issue on the end of your email provider. Some providers block our confirmation messages as spam, and reject them before they even have a chance to make it to your inbox. If this is the case, you can send us a request, making sure to specify that you want to be added to our Daily Deals & Freebies notifications.
I got a copy of a book from your FREE book list and later realized that I was charged for it.
Our free book listings are updated hourly. If a free book has its price increased, it may take a full hour for that to be realized by eReaderIQ. If this happens, you can either return the book using the 'Manage My Kindle' page on or you can contact Amazon's Kindle Customer Service Department to request a refund. Please make sure to always verify the price before purchasing a book.
How can I change my email address for the 'Price Watch' or 'New to Kindle' services?
You can manage all of your subscriptions by clicking here.
Can I download books directly from eReaderIQ?
No. All of our links point to where you can purchase or download your books.
Does eReaderIQ offer books for Nook or any other eReaders?
No. We only offer Kindle books. We do not have a similar site for any other formats.
I cannot get my Amazon Wish List to import. It says the email address can't be found. My Amazon Wish List is public.
The Wish List is more than likely indexed incorrectly on Amazon's end. This usually happens if you have changed the email address which you log into Amazon with. Try searching for your Wish List under your old email address. If this works, you will need to contact Amazon Customer Service and request that they associate your Wish List to your current email address.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us.