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What if having your most desired wishes come true was as easy as throwing something in an old well, and stating your wish? What if the one granting your wish was a beautiful demon named Daniel? Would you take a chance?

Excerpt from book:

Hunter didn't care anymore, he didn't care if April heard him or if anyone else did for that matter, he was too drunk to care or stop himself, “you don't get it, no one does, I couldn't get a girl if my life depended on it because my d*ck is too small.Too small, too small, too small...”he was holding his fingers and inch apart to demonstrate what he thought of his manhood.He started to fall over, but Daniel caught him.

The beautiful man held on to Hunter's arm as he gave him a piece of advice, “Hunter, all it takes is one wish, and I can change that for you.”Daniel kept his grip on the drunk's arm, and tried to keep him from passing out.

Hunter only had a few more minutes before he would be out cold, and Daniel knew it.So he tried again, “I can't force you Hunter, but if you want something, all you have to do is throw something in my well and wish for it.”

“Wish for it?”Hunter looked confused, and Daniel pulled him up on his feet to stand by the well.

“Yes, just wish.”Beautiful face waited to see what Hunter would do.

Language, Sexual content, graphic violence, bloody gore. Recommended for ages 18+

This is book two of the Wishing Well series.

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  • Literature & Fiction >Horror
  • Teen & Young Adult

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