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A Hero's Rise
by J.R. Mortellaro(J.R. Mortellaro)
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Built on greed, arrogance, and anger, Malum City becomes the center of a war for humanities fate. Dwelling below the city, a terrorist nation is forming an army to erase the modern world from existence and rebuild a utopia in its stead. With plans and resources coming into place, Malum sees the rise of a teenage boy with all the strength, skill, and bravery one would need to stand up to a nation. But while their hero try's to keeps them safe, Malum's people try to burden him. Pushing the poor boy back into his strange and suppressed social status, it becomes clear Malum's own child doesn't belong to the city he protects. But serving as humanities only hope, the boy from Malum must set aside his beliefs and fight for a world he doesn't understand.

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