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One of the best inspirational books geared towards positive thinking!

If you like to receive daily inspirational messages, have angel card readings, or spiritual card readings to receive spiritual messages, you are going to love this book! *Please note: this book is not religious in nature. It is however, spiritual and meditative. Customer Reviews:

"Jennifer O'Neill's Inspirational Quotes are like gems of wisdom for the soul. I keep coming back to them for a daily dose of divine goodness!" ~ Deb Friedrich, owner Zenatona

"Inspirational Quotes was a very eye opening, motivating, and enjoyable read. I like the fact that I can pick it up everyday and learn something new. Even re-reading quotes is inspiring because every time there is a new meaning attached to them, depending on what you are going through in your life at that moment in time. I would definitely recommend this!" ~ Ethel

How To Use This Book:

This book holds wonderful messages for you from Spirit. You may enjoy this book in two different ways: You may read it from beginning to end like you do with most books, and you will find many messages that will pertain to your everyday life. You can see what messages this book holds for you daily, weekly or just when needed. O'Neill wrote this book with the intention of helping you to receive messages from Spirit when you most need them. Utilizing current eReader technology, she designed the book so when in need, open the book and put your finger on the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Run your finger along the bar until you feel the urge to stop, then look at the page and see what message is waiting for you...Thank Spirit for the message, then close the book until needed again.

O'neill suggests weekly use to receive your message; it is helpful if you make the day consistent. For instance, beginning of week for inspiration going into the week, or end of the week for inspiration to help you shift your perspective on things you have encountered throughout the week, or both!

Now see what messages Spirit holds for you.....

More Praise:

"This quote book really hits right at home for me, where as other quote books I have read, I have had to form the quote a bit to fit my life. It's really inspiring that it actually applies to things that are going on in my life, without any molding on my end, so I find it a lot more useful." ~ Steve B.

"Just finished reading Inspirational Quotes by Jennifer O'Neill and I loved it. I wish I had each of those quotes on post it notes so I could read one each day and apply it to my life. Each quote is a wonderful pick me up and a great way to start my day. Thank you! Now to find my post it notes and start writing......." ~ Suzanne Altergott

"Inspirational Quotes by Jennifer is a very unique book of quotes. I read a lot of quotes and try to apply them to my life. Many other quotes seem to be written in code, and in this busy world it is hard to take the time to try to decode them and try to figure out what the author is trying to say. These are straightforward and written so that everyone can understand them first time it is read, which is important and makes it easier for a person to try to apply them. When I read this book, I found that I could apply many of these quotes to my life & I plan on doing it!" ~ Roxy Bell

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