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Did you know that turtles have been around since the time of dinosaurs? Or that pictures of turtles have been found on ancient cave walls? Have you ever seen a turtle that protects itself by being so stinky that other animals don't try to eat it? What about the turtle that uses a flap in its mouth as a fishing lure?

Find out about these turtles and more in WHY ARE TURTLES SO CRAZY AWESOME?

Over 40 pages with many amazing photos of turtles in action!


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Mary Hill is an award-winning writer and the former director of a regional history museum. Her husband Stewart Hill is a paleobiologist who has collected fossils as far north as the arctic circle. He is also the former director of a nationally accredited science museum and learning center.

Both Mary and Stewart are longtime educators and nature enthusiasts. They live in an old house in the country with four children, two cats, and a huge, huggable dog. They are not turtle experts, but they are turtle lovers, and they frequently welcome Eastern Box Turtles as house guests.

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  • Publication Date: April 6, 2012
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