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In 1998 the internet bubble was bulging and the stock market was on fire. Everyone in America seemed addicted to stocks, and Rob Perrego was along for the ride. In October of that year he signed on at Worldco Inc. to become a professional day trader, and his life became a roller coaster of soaring highs and crushing lows that almost drove him insane.

Learning to make money was as risky and exhilarating as gambling in Vegas. But after an arduous period of study, trial and error, Perrego became a consistently profitable trader and Worldco made him a managing director. At one point he was moving millions of dollars of stock a day and earning $10,000 a week. Day trading seemed more like hitting a cash register than working for a living.

But hubris has its price, and the ride could not last forever. In this honest, insightful, and gripping book, Perrego takes us behind the scenes into a hidden, high stakes world where triumph and disaster take place in the blink of an eye. We come to understand not only how fear and greed rule the stock market, but also the psychological and emotional costs paid by those who choose to play the game.

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