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This book is a culmination of a lot of years of research, trying herbs from all over the planet and using them in my own life.

You will discover...

* The top 7 herbs to keep your energy levels up, mind clear, and your body stress and anxiety free.

* This 1 Herb (That tastes delicious) will help you relax and get higher quality better recovery sleep.

* Another herb will help you avoid the flu and cough during the flu season and hopefully never get sick again.This will ensure that you can be the most effective in your work and life as possible without having to deal with the flu.

* You will learn how to use several herbs to keep your adrenal glands healthy and body at ease so that what stressed you before you know handle with ease.(Stress is the #1 Killer in america, this is important)

* You will find out how to increase oxygen & nutrient flow directly to your brain so that you think clearer, have better memory, a faster mind and even better peripheral vision! This herb supercharges your mind to leave everyone else in your thought-dust!

As a herbal, health and nutritional researcher I have taken the top 7 herbs for mental clarity, speed, cognitive function, energy, stamina and recovery and have composted a book based on those principles.

In this book you will learn the rich history of these herbs and how they became to be known and used in beneficial ways to improve health, longevity, energy and the mind.

If you are looking to be a more effective and productive person in whatever you do, then this book is for you!

David Benjamin

P.S. Get it at the cheap price of 2.99 while you still can! The price will go up soon.

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