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ANARCHY: A Love Story
by D. M. Anthony(David M. Anthony)
5.0 Stars (5 Reviews) Price verified one year ago

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The first thing readers notice about ANARCHY: A Love Story is its tone. D. M. Anthony's novel tackles painful subjects and is at once deep and provocative. Woven between the seams is a beautiful love story, one that lives and breathes on many levels, brought alive by the thoughts and writings of a defiant protagonist -- Briana.

"ANARCHY...hits like a freight train!" (book reviews)

This is not your typical love story. Briana gives us a glimpse into a micro-world few get to see up close, a world rot by both rebellion and a skewed sense of justice -- a world where the government "ruins everything beautiful." This is not a political story, however. It's more about anarchy of the spirit -- of our souls.

"....Great first novel." Khobar, reviewer

D. M. Anthony's novel about deep, tender love amongst brutal, hard-charging rebels will get you thinking about just what's important -- in life, in love, and in our families.

ANARCHY...A Love Story is both Scotch-on-the-rocks and a soothing glass of wine. It's The Sex Pistols and Nicholas Sparks -- a gentle breeze and a strong Nor'easter -- a soothing massage and a brutal beat-down. It's all you could want in a good summer read or in a cold winter's retreat.

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