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Inspirational Readings (Complete Set): Sermon Transcripts (234)
by Mike Connell(Mike Connell Ministries)
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Massive collection of sermons (complete set) about living and moving with the Holy Ghost, hearing from god, and being productive in the unique work he has called you to do.

Mike Connell is an internationally recognised teacher of the Word, and the Senior Pastor of Baycity Outreach Center, Hastings, New Zealand.

Contains Audio Transcripts; Sermon Notes; Audio/Video links; Prophetic Artwork.

*Includes 40 by Shane Willard, and 28 in Chinese (Simplified + Traditional)

Sermon Sets:

1. Activating the Gifts of the Spirit (1 Manual, 5 Sermons)

2. Deliverance and Healing (1 Manual, 5 Sermons)

3. Exercising Spiritual Authority (1 Manual, 6 Sermons)

4. Taming the Tongue (12 Sermons)

5. First Principles (7 Sermons)

6. The Spirit of Mammon (4 Sermons)

7. Hearing the Voice of God (6 Sermons)

8. The Blood of Jesus (4 Sermons)

9. Wilderness Wisdom (4 Sermons)

10. Who is Jesus (4 Sermons)

11. Fig Leaves and Other Coverings (4 Sermons)

12. Authority in the Family (5 Sermons)

13. Purpose & Destiny (2011) (7 Sermons)

14. Rest of Faith (4 Sermons)

15. Comfort in Times of Trouble (3 Sermons)

16. Breaking Free from Victim Mentality (2 Sermons)

17. Finance Seminar (2 Sermons)

18. Forces that Work in You (2 Sermons)

19. Extravagant Love (6 Sermons)

20. Leadership Seminar (6 Sermons)

21. Freedom Conference (4 Sermons)

22. The Slumber of Jezebel (3 Sermons)

23. Blame Game (3 Sermons)

24. Ten Commandments - Foundations for Success (5 Sermons)

25. Unashamed (6 Sermons)

26. Let the Kings Arise (4 Sermons)

27. The Prayer of Kings (2 Sermons)

28. Standing in the Storms of Life (2 Sermons)

Standalone Sermons

1. Gods Mandate to Parents

2. The Truth about Tattoos

3. Twilight

4. Relationship or Rights.

5. Witchcraft in Relationships

6. Lessons to Learn in a Prison

7. Five Seconds After You Die

8. Speaking in Tongues

9. Breaking Free (1 of 2)

10. Break Through (2 of 2)

11. War a Good Warfare

12. Wise and Faithful Servant

13. Keep Yourself in His Love

14. Having a Full Lamp

15. Filling Your Lamp

16. Easter Service (2012)

17. Pursuing Greatness and Eternal Rewards

18. Zealous for Good Works

19. Foundations for Fruit Bearing

20. Vision to See

21. Five Loaves and Two Fish: Keys for Miracles

23. Samson - Man of Faith

24. Withered Hand

25. Discover your Assignment

26. Handling Life's Difficult Experiences

27. Fathers Day 2012 - Valiant Men

28. Two Principles that Release the Best in People

29. Arise and Stretch

30. Resolving Offences

31. Be the Salt and Light

32. Pentecost - Fresh Filling of the Holy Ghost

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  • Publication Date: November 13, 2013
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