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Many cancer patients have been "sent home to die" after extensive orthodox cancer treatments.Isn't it time to try natural cancer treatments that are painless and have a 30 times higher cure rate than orthodox cancer treatments?

This book will let you:

1) Quickly learn about the best alternative cancer treatment options.

2) Make cancer treatment decisions more quickly.

3) Start your own alternative cancer treatment right away.

Inside you'll learn...

* The 10 Simple Rules to Curing Your Cancer.

* The 6-step plan to treat your cancer with simple foods and drinks.

* A simple remedy in your cupboard that neutralizes cancer.

* Why drugs or surgery cannot cure cancer and why this vitamin can!

* How to juice your cancer away with quick and easy juice blends.

* How cancer cells behave and how you can turn the tables on them with simple dietary changes.

* The secret of the Himalayan mountain people that might reverse your cancer and add years to your life.

* 51 foods that contain a little-known cancer-fighting ingredient that can slow down your cancer.

* How to crack the tough walls of cancer cells so your body's killer cells can destroy them.

* How your state of mind, body, and spirit can contribute to cancer.

* 101 foods that cancer hates and that can treat and even reverse cancer...and the one type of food that cancer loves and that you should avoid.

* The common mistake people make on an anti-cancer diet and how to avoid it.

* The ONE food you should avoid if you want to starve your cancer cells to death.

* The Japanese secret to prevent cancer and live a to be 100+ in near-perfect health.

...and Much, Much More!

As the author, I hope this book will give cancer patients and/or their caregivers the information they need to let them know what alternative cancer treatments options exist.

By reading this book, you will save several years of research time.When someone has cancer, they don't have a lot of time to research their options.

So get started now on your road to a cancer-free life.

Wishing you the best,

John Maxwell

Author - Cancer Cure Secrets

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  • Publication Date: June 14, 2012
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