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Grace wished now that she had listened to her ma.Ma had been proven to be right more times than not. She told her that someday she’d get tired of playing her guitar…right on that one.She said someday she would hear the planets…that had proven correct. She said someday she would find the love of her life…and Grace had. She had said that someday her adventures would land her somewhere she didn’t want to be.Her ma had been proven right about everything, however, it was the “Be careful what you wish for, Grace; the universe has an odd way of granting wishes,” that made her pause. ‘Ma, you were so very right,’ she thought for the hundredth time.

This novella is the prequel to The Evensongs Trilogy – Book 3, a bridge between the endings of both ‘Quest of the Evensongs’ and ‘Lost in the Evensongs’. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the first two books in the Trilogy.

Grace’s story, stuck inside the Evensongs with only the twins, Beci and Von able to see or hear her.Her wish is granted in a manner she would have never dreamed of and now she has the task of helping her class mates Pii, Dawn, Sisko, Genni and Aly find their way back into the real world.The question that haunts her waking nightmare is not if she can save them, but will she be able to save herself, along with the two raucous twins?

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