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Down Home Humor has never been funnier than in “Laid to Rest.”

Patricia Ann Preston, author of Amazon Best Seller, “The Yard Sale,” takes you back to Clayburn, Mississippi for some retro humor in her latest short story, “Laid to Rest.”

On a summer night in 1957, Mayor Clifford Earl Stroud dies from a heart attack in Darlene Higginbottom’s bedroom, which is most unfortunate for everyone involved. Especially Darlene, who is only trying to make a little money on the side so she can get to Hollywood and become a movie star like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Little did she expect the mayor to die at her house.

That’s just the beginning of her troubles that night. How can she keep Mayor Stroud’s wife from finding out what happened? Regrettably, Darlene has to rely on the dumbest two guys in Clayburn, Richie and Tommy Ray, for help with the mayor’s corpse.

Now, if she’d had two sensible men helping her, this story would never have been written.

But, you take Darlene, Richie, Tommy Ray, add a dead body, and you’ve got…well, there’s not a single word that can describe what happened that night. It had to be a story.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

“Laid to Rest” is a quick, fun read, approximately 14,000 words.

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