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The Darling Girls
by Emma Burstall
4.2 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 10 months ago

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‘What a terrific read! I loved this honest, absorbing story. I couldn't put it down. Every word rang true and I really cared about the characters. A complete gem of a book!' - Lorraine Kelly

'Beautifully written, The Darling Girls grips you from the very first pages, intriguing, powerful, and utterly absorbing. This is a brilliant novel, once started, we just had to keep reading until the very end. Highly Recommended!' - Hot Brands Cool Places

'Everything about this book was brilliant. Burstall has created a small yet powerful cast of characters which hook you in right from the beginning' - Chick Lit Chloe

'A fabulous story...I really didn't want it to end' - Kim the Book Worm

Three women in love with the same man meet for the first time at his funeral. Can they separate the truth from the lies and learn to trust - and even love - again?

When world famous music conductor Leo Bruck dies suddenly, he leaves behind three grieving women and a mass of unanswered questions.

Did the man who juggled these simultaneous relationships while thrilling audiences around the globe, direct The Darling Girls like an orchestra?

Victoria, his partner of twenty years and mother of two of his children, regards herself as his rightful widow and keeper of his legacy. However, a series of shocking discoveries forces her to re-examine the man she thought she knew and query the very foundation of their relationship.

Maddy, mother of Leo’s daughter Phoebe, has a high-powered job and seems independent and sorted. But events take a sinister turn when Maddy becomes involved with Victoria’s troubled teenage son, and her safe world starts to go awry.

Finally there’s Cat who, at just 24, is Leo’s youngest lover. Coping with a sick mother and battling demons from her childhood, she is finding it increasingly hard to hold it together. Will grief, anger and bitterness blind her to the possibility of ever finding happiness, career fulfilment - and even, perhaps, new love?

The Darling Girls is a moving story of love, loss, and the prevailing power of female friendship. Can these three very different women, whose lives become inextricably bound, break free from the masterful control Leo exerts - even from the grave - once and for all?

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