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Several hundred years ago, a war that culminated in the magical equivalent of a nuclear exchange killed every wizard on both sides, destroyed most of their armies, and left a huge swath of territory not only devastated, but polluted by residual and unpredictable magic. Now, in time of peace, the area is beginning to be re-settled, but it’s still a wild frontier. The King’s authority is maintained by traveling Justices such as the portly, jolly, and shrewd Master Justice Taras Flinn, who travels from town to town with his Watson-like apprentice and their valet Jacky (a former thief), holding court, solving mysteries, and looking for the next inn where he can get a decent meal and a tankard of ale.

This e-book contains two short stories, "The Matter of the Merchant of Krynn" and "The Matter of the Lord of Arnholt's Daughter," totaling about 20,000 words.

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