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by Marc Peraino(Yurodivy Productions)
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Living in a near-futuristic America where tolerance and understanding for the mentally ill has reached an all-time low, Ferris Calhoun develops a disabling case of clinical depression and is forced into involuntary treatment at the country's most famous psychiatric facility named Methodica.

Fearing Methodica to be the worst of institutions, Ferris is terrified that his life and freedom will be taken away and he'll never again live as a healthy free man. But Methodica and its doctors turn out to be something entirely different, something Ferris has never seen before: a psychiatric hospital that actually helps its patients recover and heal through revolutionary treatment methods and advanced technology. At Methodica, psychiatry has finally caught up with every other field of medicine.

Methodica is a vision for what psychiatry should be, a field of medical science that seeks to cure the mentally ill rather than simply "manage" them. A field in which doctors treat their patients with compassion and take the time to understand them personally. And ultimately, a field of medicine that spells the end to the suffering that millions of psychiatric patients have endured for millennia. Methodica is a call for reform not only within psychiatry, but also a plea for society to let go of age old stereotypes and stigmas and begin seeing mental illness as a legitimate illness that America has fallen victim to.

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  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense >Thrillers >Psychological
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  • Publication Date: June 23, 2012
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  • Print Length: 105 Pages
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