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In the world of military commanders and planned out missions, Immortals are the last thing from being anything but strange. Paige Harper, telepath and telekinetic, spends her nights leading her team of trained military soldiers against Immortals who believe humans are nothing but the main course on the dinner menu. Despite having a wonderful salary, a beautiful loft in the center of the Gaslamp District, and a hunky second-in-command fire starter named Drake who can’t keep his eyes off her or his interests to himself, Paige just can’t get over her want for revenge against the Immortal who slaughtered her family. Nikolas Leif, personal bounty hunter to the vampire queen of The Domina Noctis council, enters her life and makes her realize that fighting crazy, blood thirsty Immortals is just a walk in the park. His vampire aura ignites something within her. His fanged smile makes her heart flutter. His promise to help her get her revenge makes her mouth water. And if all that wasn’t enough, seeing his eyes flare with lust for her makes her stomach tighten with feelings she had never before experienced. Filled with vampires, psychic killers, love, and blazing guns, Paige will be placed in a position that will cause a chaos of trouble, leading her to the realization that the passion of the heart can eventually lead to unbearable pain.

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  • Science Fiction & Fantasy >Fantasy >Paranormal & Urban

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  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
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  • Print Length: 245 Pages
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