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Pictures of Emily
by Theresa Weir(Belfry Press)
4.5 Stars (2 Reviews) Price verified 6 hours ago

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Emily Christian had a gift, a gift that let her see behind anyone's mask. Everybody on the tranquil little island of St. Genevieve was buzzing about the arrival of Sonny Maxwell, but her thoughts went beyond his stunning looks. She saw something in that world-famous face that drew her...something the cameras always seemed to miss.

Sonny himself was mesmerized by the beguiling innocence and beauty of the young woman who seemed to know him better than he knew himself. He'd sworn he'd never let anyone get close to him again, but he had to find a way to make Emily Christian part of his world. Yet first he had to find the courage to let his true colors show...

A sweet and innocent contemporary romance, Pictures of Emily has a bit of a dreamy, fairy tale feel to it.

Heat rating: 1 out of 10


Emily stared spellbound at the man beside her.

Sonny Maxwell. The Sonny Maxwell. And he'd saved her from drowning.

It didn't seem possible, but he was even more beautiful in person. It wasn't his looks that mesmerized her, though. It was the soft glow of light she could sense shimmering around him.

White, with a hint of gray... The color confused her. A person like Sonny Maxwell couldn't have such an aura.

His hand was still grasping hers. She looked down. Beneath his fingertips, where their skin touched, was a warm lavender glow.

Lavender. The color of humanity.

Dazed, confused, she looked up from their joined hands. "You... you're white," she said, forcing the words through frozen lips. A gust of wind cut through her, and she shivered violently.

His eyes narrowed with concern. "You're blue. And getting bluer."

"You c-can s-see auras, t-too?"

"Auras?" A shiver shook his shoulders. He muttered something about signs of delirium, then shoved himself to his feet, extending a hand to her. "Come on. We've got to get moving."


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  • Publication Date: June 25, 2012
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