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You may think you don’t negotiate. After all, that’s just for car salesmen and foreign diplomats, right? Wrong. Think of these scenarios:

-You and your friends are trying to decide where to go for your big night out. Their restaurant of choice gives you hives just thinking about it, but you don’t want to be a wet blanket and put your foot down. You need to sway them… gently.

-Your teenager wants her own car, a later curfew, and a wardrobe rivaling Lady Gaga’s. You need to persuade her… diplomatically.

We each are involved in dozens of interactions on a daily basis in our getting someone else to do something you want.

Former Special Forces Green Beret Michael Martel learned negotiations in the military getting the population to help his unit help them. You can't force your will on someone and expect them to help you.

Michael covers the basics of successful negotiation to help you Negotiate Like a Pro.

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