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ABC's of Weight Loss, Quick & Permanent!
by James Perry(James Perry)
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ABC's of Weight Loss, Quick & Permanent!

We should really be mindful of how we spend, or invest our time, especially living in these the last days of earths history. We have available for a short while the 'Oldest Prophetic History Book', which is suppose to guide each of our lives, but many of us act as though we have never heard of such a book. We seem to go about our lives as though the way we spend our days matters little to us or anyone else. Idleness and blowing time on frivolity is going to shock most people as they realize that because of wasted time and opportunities, they have failed to perfect Christian virtues, and the Character that will and can Only be accepted by a Perfect God and Creator. Each of Our short comings, those darling little faults, sins, and abnormalities that we each cherish as the things that makes us special, distinct from every other human being must be given over to our Heavenly Father in advance of the End. All our sins must be forgiven of God and forsaken by us as individuals if we are to have our miss deeds Blotted out of the records books in Heaven. This is essential for us to have a free ticket, get inside pass, to enter the gates of Heaven. There is nothing more important than how and where each person plans to spend Eternity. Our eating and drinking is essential to our health and will assist or deter us from making right, moral decisions that will determine where we each spend Eternity. ABC's of Weight Loss, Quick & Permanent!Please assist me in promoting this vital short read;

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  • Publication Date: June 19, 2012
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
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  • Print Length: 40 Pages
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