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eReaderIQ Recommends

Biographies & Memoirs

Duck Dynasty: Guide To Happiness The Inspirational Story Of Family, Faith & Fortune
by Darrin Wiggins
4.4 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 4 minutes ago

Duck Dynasty Guide To Happiness This book offers you the kinds of life lessons you will learn from the Robertson family. This crew, which has become famous for their show, “Duck Dynasty” has also become well-known for their faith, strength as a... see more >>>

Business & Money

Frugal Family Fun: Frugal Activities for family time
by Debbie Madson
4.4 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 14 minutes ago

Ever been stuck inside your house with your kids with nothing to do? Ever wondered how you and your family could give back to the community? Ever wanted to get more involved in outdoor activities, but just didn’t know where to start? Are you looking for... see more >>>


Blood in the Valencian Soil: Love and hate hidden in the legacy of the Spanish Civil War (Secrets of Spain 1)
by Caroline Angus Baker
4.7 Stars (19 Reviews) Price verified 15 minutes ago

Pleasure is as fragile as glass... Spain, March 1939 - the Spanish Civil War is coming to an end. Five young Republicans in the small town of Cuenca know they are on the losing side of the war. History only recognises the winners, and the group know they could... see more >>>

United States

Black Butterfly 2: Eboni Machiavelli (Thriller)
by DanteFEENIX
4.5 Stars (17 Reviews) Price verified 19 minutes ago

Black Butterfly 2: Eboni Machiavelli Eboni is back! Based on a true story, Black Butterfly 2 picks up where part one left off… with Baltimore’s baddest chick still trying to prove her innocence. However, this time she only has seven days to do it! ... see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Superfood Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss - Great for 10 Day Detoxing!
by Stephanie Samson
4.9 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 19 minutes ago

The way that both Superfoods and Smothies have taken the nutrition and health industry by storm reflects perfectly on how much of an impact they can both have on our health. Combining the 2 has lead to the ultimate way to get healthy and lose weight. Using all... see more >>>

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Galya Popoff and the Dead Souls
by Julia Odegard
4.6 Stars (28 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

It's five a.m. in the little California coastal town of Santa Maria del Lobo, and Professor Galya Popoff is waiting for her poodle Kroshka to finish his rest-stop by the college Campanile. In the darkness, two hundred feet over their heads, Chancellor... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

Rhythms of Grace
by Marilynn Griffith
4.1 Stars (41 Reviews) Price verified 25 minutes ago

Grace Okoye was a promising young dancer when her career was cut short by a brutal assault that left her scarred for life. Twenty years later, when her past gets in the way of her happiness, she heeds the invitation of her dance instructor and returns home to help... see more >>>

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

How to Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life: Tips and Techniques for a Clutter-Free Home
by Kelly T Hudson
4.3 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified 32 minutes ago

There may have been various instances in your life when you’ve looked around your home and felt rather weighed down by the clutter that was reigning over it. Naturally, nobody wants to live in a home that’s so filled up with clutter that it makes you... see more >>>


Warrior's MoonA Love Story
by Jaclyn Hawkes
4.7 Stars (40 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

Advance Praise for Warrior's Moon “What a wonderful tale.Made me get all choked up for a bit.Jaclyn Hawkes has truly done a great thing.Thank you.” Charlie M. in Georgia They loved each other desperately. Never in all the kingdom has there... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Fire Mage (An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series) (Blacklight Chronicles Book 1)
by John Forrester
3.5 Stars (253 Reviews) Price verified 37 minutes ago

July 2014: Significantly expanded and revised with reviewer feedback. For centuries, mages perfected magic at the Order of the Dawn. Mastery over fire, wind, and storm. They live in the last free city in a world plagued by dark sorcerers. Talis Storm and friend... see more >>>

Professional & Technical

Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald (Volume Three)
by Barry Krusch
4.5 Stars (46 Reviews) Price verified 42 minutes ago

Note: Volume 3 of this three volume series will be free on the 22nd of this month. Also, in 2013 video evidence was released from the National Archives that demonstrates conclusively the final chapter of volume 1, that the shells implicating Oswald in the... see more >>>


Manifest Your Soulmate: Call Forth the Love of Your Life with a Proven Process (Love Attraction Series Book 3)
by Kathryn Alice
4.4 Stars (56 Reviews) Price verified 57 minutes ago

"Manifest Your Soulmate" was first a workshop and then a bestselling CD that popular love guru Kathryn Alice created to help singles attract their soulmates. This work has been a phenomenon, helping tens of thousands of people find love with a proven... see more >>>


The National Parks (a visual guide to visiting)
by Zack Frank
4.0 Stars (22 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

This guide was designed to make casual visits to the National Parks as rewarding and convenient as possible. Extensive color photography and park maps are featured throughout the book to make the recommendations clear and easy to find. The book also has must see... see more >>>

Action & Adventure

The Dead War Book One: Survive The Night (The Dead War Zombie Series 1)
by George L. Cook III
4.1 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

In the year 2053 the dead will rise. So will a new hero. Our technology and intelligence failed us when the dead walked. Now one man, Sgt. Richards is our last hope! One a lone soldier must survive the night and fight his way through a city filled with the... see more >>>

Humor & Entertainment

Granny Smith Investigates (revised edition)
by G. M. Dobbs
4.0 Stars (22 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

All new edition!! All new cover design!! The first of the Granny Smith adventures!! “It’s Miss Marple on steroids.” A brutal murder in a small Welsh village leaves the police without a clue. With no motive and no real suspect the... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Alphabet Family Wedding (Adventures of the Alphabet FamilyBook 1)
by Karen Muldoon
4.4 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

* Did you ever just get tired of being called a kid? * Are they still making you sit at the kiddie table on holidays? * Do the older kids have all the fun? * Don't you wish you could change something about yourself & magically be older? * Can you see the... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Running With Vince (The Christian Chronicles Book 1)
by Jonathan Kuiper
4.5 Stars (19 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Running With Vince focuses on twin brothers and their unique bond. Polar opposites, Christian and Vincent have little in common, other than their family. On one final road trip together, they bicker and banter, but also better understand each other and the love... see more >>>

Health, Fitness & Dieting

The Power of Fear:A Guide for Women to Anticipate, Predict and Prevent Violent Behavior
by Raven Heidrich
4.9 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

At a seminar room with a 1000 attendees, a speaker asks the men in the audience to raise their hand if they have feared for their lives in the past week. About 5 men raised their hands. He then asked the women to raise their hands if in the past week... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

THE WIG: Crazy Summer, 1 (chapter books, series, ages 9-12) (THE WIG series)
by Renata Suerth
4.7 Stars (36 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

An embarrassing underwear incident? A lesson on a runaway bike? Grandma's wig at the fire department? These and lots of other adventures await ten-year-old Sofie, whose life is pretty ordinary until she finds out that in two weeks her family has to move in... see more >>>


Questions That Easily Write Books: How to write a nonfiction ebook using a simple outline method (The super easy way to write nonfiction ebooks) (How to Write a Book and Sell It Series 5)
by Ian Stables
4.1 Stars (35 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Write your nonfiction book using a far easier method This is a different and much easier approach to how to write a book outline than the traditional method. It dramatically improves the writing process. How to write a book a lot more easily Writing a book,... see more >>>
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