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eReaderIQ Recommends


by Mary Buckham
4.8 Stars (50 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

Magic is the last gift Alex Noziak wants but she must embrace it to gain her freedom. Alex Noziak, part-witch, part-shaman is dumped into the middle of four hostile non-human females and expected to train as a team to protect humans from preternatural threats.... see more >>>


Falling (Girl With Broken Wings Book 1)
by J Bennett
4.0 Stars (33 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

The first novel in the Girl With Broken Wings series A Gripping Paranormal Adventure With A Quirky, Resilient Heroine! Maya knew something was wrong... The stranger’s glowing hands were a big tipoff. When the stranger murders Maya’s boyfriend with... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

Crazy in Love (Contemporary Romance) (Blue Lake Series Book 3)
by Kristin Miller
4.9 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Historical inn owner Rachael McCoy has one simple rule: Don't date guests. Ever. After having her heart broken by a string of sweet-talking visitors, Rachael has learned her lesson. But when dangerously sexy rock star Cole Turner rolls into town and rents... see more >>>


Betrothal (Time Enough To Love)
by Jenna Jaxon
4.2 Stars (35 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Lady Alyse de Courcy has fallen in love with Lord Braeton, a nobleman in King Edward III’s court and a man to whom she has barely spoken. Fate, however, has decreed her betrothal to his best friend, Sir Geoffrey Longford—a handsome and imposing... see more >>>


Betrayal (Book 2: Time Enough to Love)
by Jenna Jaxon
4.3 Stars (13 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

The worst betrayals come from within. After a night of passion with her betrothed, Sir Geoffrey Longford, Lady Alyse de Courcy is eagerly looking forward to her wedding.But when Geoffrey is forced to marry another, a heartbroken and possibly pregnant Alyse finds... see more >>>


Laying Low in Paradise
by Kristy K. James
4.4 Stars (13 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

What readers are saying about Laying Low in Paradise ~ Kristy pens "Laying Low in Paradise" in a well written romantic suspense plot filled with twists, turns, and a touch of humor that kept my interest through out the book. ~ ~ The plot was very... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Adventures In Funeral Crashing: (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #1)
by Milda Harris
4.2 Stars (65 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

If you're a fan ofVeronica Mars, Nancy Drew, author Janet Evanovich's books on Stephanie Plum or author Meg Cabot's Size 12 books on Heather Wells check this book series out! Sixteen year old Kait Lenox has a reputation as the weird girl in her... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Ethereal Underground (Ethereal Underground Trilogy)
by Briana Gaitan
4.6 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

Can the person who was sent to steal your soul, be the same person who steals your heart? The keepers are protectors of the planet Cabalin, charged with defeating identified enemies and preventing other planets from waging war on their dying planet. They are... see more >>>


Breakaway (Portland Storm Book 1)
by Catherine Gayle
4.4 Stars (29 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

She’s reaching for a breakaway pass. Dana Campbell has spent the past seven years in self-imposed isolation for a crime she didn’t commit. The danger is well in the past, but her panic attacks make it impossible to have a normal, healthy... see more >>>


A Sky of Spells (Book #9 in the Sorcerer's Ring)
by Morgan Rice
3.9 Stars (209 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

“THE SORCERER’S RING has all the ingredients for an instant success: plots, counterplots, mystery, valiant knights, and blossoming relationships replete with broken hearts, deception and betrayal. It will keep you entertained for hours, and will... see more >>>

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Homegrown Humus: Cover Crops in a No-till Garden (Permaculture Gardener Book 1)
by Anna Hess
4.5 Stars (54 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

Homegrown humus is easy with cover crops! Cover crops are a simple, cheap way to boost your soil's organic matter, to fight weeds, to prevent erosion, to attract pollinators, and to keep the ecosystem in balance. Unfortunately, most information on growing... see more >>>


The Black Parade
by Kyoko M
4.7 Stars (27 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

Jordan Amador. 21. New Yorker. Waitress. Mild alcoholic. Murderer. Two years ago, Jordan accidentally shot and killed a Seer: a person who can see, hear, and talk to ghosts with unfinished business. Her crime came with a hefty price, too. She has two years to... see more >>>

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Family DuMont (Book 1 of The Family Dumont Series)
by Austin Wright
4.8 Stars (42 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Book 2 is available now at Every family has secrets.When it's one of the most powerful families in history, secrets can have catastrophic consequences for the entire world. ___________________________________________ For hundreds of... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Kings & Queens
by Courtney Vail
4.5 Stars (31 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

Seventeen-year-old Majesty Alistair wants police to look further into her father’s fatal car wreck, hopes the baseball team she manages can reclaim the state crown, aches for Derek…or, no…maybe Alec…maybe. And she mostly wishes to... see more >>>

Biographies & Memoirs

Olga - A Daughter's Tale
by Marie Campbell
4.4 Stars (49 Reviews) Price verified 18 minutes ago

A new author's first book written as the result of genealogical research into her mother's past and her family.Based on a true story'Olga - A Daughter's Tale' is a family saga about love, heritage, culture, identity and belonging with an... see more >>>

Business & Money

75 Secrets Revealed on Productivity: Don't Work Like a Bull. Change Yourself in 7 Days (10 Mins A Day)
by Joe Martin
4.8 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

DISCOVER:: How to Become More Vibrant at Work And Life Do you want to become more productive but don't know how? Your willingness to buy this book alone proves that you are already motivated. All you need is some proper guidance to crack that... see more >>>

Science Fiction

Peacemaker 2564 AD - The Corona Rebellion
by Gordon Savage
4.4 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

Sometimes even a Peacemaker has to slap the bad guys upside the head to get them to listen to reason. Two hundred years after the first settlers land on the planet Corona, the colonists face a nightmare situation. Natives have been reported, and colonizing an... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Airplanes! A Kids Book About Airplane & Airport - Find Funny Planes Pictures & Learn About Activities At The Airport
by Jenny River
3.9 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

If your kid loves Airplanes, it's for you. If your family going to travel by plane in a few weeks, it's for you. You will find in this book, many informations and great pictures about airplanes and learn about the activities in an airport. It's... see more >>>

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Tasteful Memories: A Collection of Family Comfort Food Recipes
by Lora C. Mercado
5.0 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

This book is a collection of recipes from my family that are near and dear to my heart. Many of my relatives featured in this collection have passed away. It gives me great pleasure to let their spirit live on when others make these delicious concoctions. These... see more >>>

Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Doubt (Among Us Trilogy Book 1)
by Anne-Rae Vasquez
4.5 Stars (44 Reviews) Price verified 3 hours ago

For readers who have a twisted delight in books with an "End of Times / Armageddon" theme and are fans of shows like "Fringe", "Medium" and "Supernatural" Finalist in Readers' Favorite Book Award 2014 in three... see more >>>
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